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Think For Good in… action

John, Antonia and Jhang are passing their thoughts and are sharing with us the beauty and the importance of offering for the purpose of CAS and The Thing For Good project!

Some days ago, we were responsible for visiting three different locations; The Church, Actios Senior Citizens’ Home and the Miniversity Kindergarten, where we attempted to help our local communities; having the “Think for Good” Project in our minds.
To begin with, we visited the church, where we distributed 50 Easter Cookie Boxes to poor families, as a gift for Easter. The cookies were made on school premises by the elementary school and we helped carry and unload the boxes, into the church’s storage. This was a collaborative project and its purpose was to raise awareness of everyday people’s issues and to inspire other people to help their local communities, which are in need, more often.

Afterwards, we visited Actios Senior Citizens’, where we listened to the stories of various of the elderly people present. These stories contained, but were not limited to, stories of their Easter Traditions in their respective villages, recipes for Easter Dishes and more Easter-related knowledge. We were able to successfully communicate with them, as they enjoyed our company. Our goal was to help the elderly remember their past, which is an important factor in combating their Alzheimer’s Disease.
At last, we visited the nursery school, named “Miniversity”. Within, we were tasked with organizing two separate Easter Bunny Hunts, for the children of the nursery school. We would often hide the Small Easter Chocolate Eggs in various locations. Onwards, the children would hunt for them, and deliver them to our baskets, where we would hide them once more, until the Easter Bunny Hunt Period would end. Our goal was to entertain children for Easter, transmitting them good memories, which will help them grow into happy people.

Conclusively, we helped three different communities; Ranging from all types of ages, by organizing various events, where we would satisfy their needs.

John Chatzidiakos

CAS is an acronym for Creativity, Activity and Service. Through this programme all IB Diploma students have to engage in activities that are creative, enhance their physical well-being and serve their community.

In this context, the school has established the Think for Good project, a school based project that aims at serving the needs of the local community, where at the same time it helps in raising awareness to the students, their families and the community in general on the various problems that our local community is facing. Hence the students get involved in various activities serving their local community. Some examples are: cooking and serving food for the local church’s soup kitchen, organizing food and clothes drives, organizing and participating in the school’s fund raising Christmas bazaar, visiting Senior Citizen’s homes, visiting homes that house people with special needs, organizing activities for younger students and establishing a tutoring programme that helps the learning process of the younger students, getting involved in school performances, taking part in reforestations, and many more.

Through these projects the students become more aware of the problems people around them are facing and grow into more sensitive and active citizens of the world. We want our students to become whole rounded people, caring, knowledgeable, inquisitive and emotionally active. These activities help them bond as a group, become less self-centered and boost their self-confidence and self-esteem, while they come out of their comfort zone and break the barriers of the nut shell in which they were living.

Antonia Sakka

Before Easter, all IB 1 students took part in the Think for Good project, which is a school based project serving the needs of the local community. At the beginning, each student distributed Easter cookies to 50 families which don’t have a stable income. After that, we visited the Actios Senior Citizen’s home and tried to communicate with old people. Although, I couldn’t speak Greek, with the classmates’ help in translating for me I also could feel their feelings and their agony into bringing back memories form the past. During this time, an old man told me his experience when he was young. The experience was normal but it was very positive for me. In the end, we played an Easter bunny hunt with little kids at Miniversity. They felt excited for the Easter bunny hunt and everybody enjoyed the game. I could see the happiness, innocence and excitement on the kids’ faces. The project is grandiose, But I can say that it is very meaningful for us. We express our love by doing common things for our community and this also helps us grow and bond as a student body.


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